Rüter Maschinen Crossyoke-Plansifter

The self-balancing cross-yoke plansifter design ensures minimum structural stress; its modular design allows it to be accommodated in tightly constrained spaces. Other leading-edge innovations include the light-weight aluminum sieve stack housing, the customizable sieve stack and the patented sieve cleaner. Furthermore, the plansifters are economical to install.

Properties Crossyoke-Plansifter

High Performance · Compact · Flexible

Fast Assembly · Low Weight · Self-Balancing

Energy Saving · Optimal Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Applications for Crossyoke-Plansifter

Flour Mills · Rebolting · Corn & Rice Milling

Starch & Protein · Petfood · Pellets · Biofuels